25,000 million iOS and Android apps downloaded in 2011

In December alone is estimated that the number of downloaded apps for both platforms to reach 5,000 million.

App downloaded from Android Market and App Store. (Source: blog.flurry.com)App downloaded from Android Market and App Store. (Source: blog.flurry.com)

Now that the year draws to a close, analysts are beginning to launch their global estimates. It just happened, for example, in the world of mobile applications, according to Flurry, a research firm, when downloaded will end 2011, 25,000 million for IOS and Android apps.

This figure, which represents an increase of 300% compared to downloaded in 2010 (6,000 million apps), it is not surprising, say from Flurry, taking into account the number of Android devices and IOS sold during the year . Moreover, having been almost exclusive products of early-adopters, now the market has become “more global”, especially to see how the prices of both devices “have gone down.”

Thus, Flurry expect these 25,000 million downloads, taking place 5,000 million in December as part of the increase in discharge which usually takes place at Christmas because on the one hand and the need for holiday entertaining and purchases other side new phones because of the holidays. “The model of the app store really has become a lucrative business,” they said from Flurry. In fact, as recorded by The New York Times, it is expected that revenue from downloads in the U.S. reached 2,500 million dollars, when in 2010 stood at 1,000 million dollars.

Right now, the number of apps available for iOS devices is around 500,000, while the number available for Android devices is hovering closer to 350,000.

Written by Thiery Girard.

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