GTA V: First trailer shows spectacular scenes

Rockstar Games today released the first trailer for the upcoming open-world adventure Grand Theft Auto V. We offer the movie to watch.

Screenshot Grand Theft Auto V trailer by Rockstar GamesScreenshot Grand Theft Auto V trailer by Rockstar Games

On to a new city
As usual, Rockstar Games is already in the first trailer and game footage. These show the Vinewood district, which apparently serves as the scene of action. Since this classic in the letters of the Hollywood Hills is shown in the trailer, we assume that Rockstar this time Los Angeles (or whatever it is called Grand Theft Auto: Los Santos) will adjust. This includes the classic Downtown, Los Puerta Freeway and Little Seoul, which are written on street signs. Again, you can explore the city freely, do missions, or just turn up the radio and heat through the streets. These roads are also very busy and work in the trailer very much alive.

About the protagonist is, however, divulged little. Thus, while a narrator is placed over the scenes – this is called not by name. But he tells a little about his life. He was taken mainly because of the weather in the city, there had bought a huge house and just wanted to be father and family man. Who knows the series, must have no fear: a Sims clone GTA V is not safe!

Strong technology
Rockstar for GTA V would again fall back on the RAGE engine. This puts the city in a very pretty scene. Even the characters seem more mature than GTA IV in total but the graphics are comparable to that of its predecessor.

But we can now talk to the images. Have fun with the first trailer…

Written by Yudhi Armyndharis

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