Google Trader Kenya

 Internet search giant Google has launched its classified ads service¸ Google Trader, in Kenya. Google Trader is a free classifieds service that lets internet users trade products and services and search for jobs, real estate listings or just about anything else. It will allow individuals and small businesses to post for free, reaching millions of Kenyan internet users who search online for goods, services and employment opportunities. This is the 3rd African country in which Google is launching this service; the search giant has previously made the service available in Uganda and Ghana.

 As Google makes its entry into the classifieds business in Kenya, it has shown its readiness to compete with Dealfish Kenya, the country’s largest classified service. Dealfish is owned by MIH Internet, a South African Internet services firm which in turn is owned by Naspers, Africa’s largest media company. Dealfish also allows Kenyan web users to search for jobs, and buy goods and services. Google Trader will be available on mobile phones, hand-held devices and personal computers.

Google Launches Classified Ad Service In Kenya


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