THE FULL STORY:Citizen TV Paying Janet Mbugua Ksh 800,000, Cameramen Ksh 44,000

When Janet Mbugua goes on air to read news on 800,000 shillings-a-month-pay on Citizen TV, the men and women behind the camera and autocue on a 44,000 shillings-a-month of the same currency may be tempted to super-impose a spooky montage behind her. And somehow, it is easy to sympathize with them.

“This is obscene and should not be accepted, people should start boycotting Citizen TV,” a prominent media owner told the Jackal News.In addition, Citizen TV is reported to have paid nearly five million shillings to free Mbugua from her contract in South Africa.

“Well, I have no comment on that and honestly, she better comes onboard with better stories otherwise, we shall not accept that. I was about to quit, but ….” said an employee of Citizen TV.


The news manager, Faridah Karoney, may not raise an issue if that happens, after all, the new on-air talent will be earning more than what S. K. Macharia, the station’s owner, is paying her to write the scripts that Mbugua will be reading.

News that Mbugua is joining Citizen TV on 803,000 shillings a month is shinning spotlight on how media owners in Kenya are willing to go to win/retain viewers and advertisers. At Citizen, it is bound to irritate reporters and the technical staff who have been on a go-slow seeking better pay.

If confirmed, she will be Kenya’s highest paid TV newsreader, beating the queen of radio, Caroline Mutoko, whose similar pay is inclusive of straining duties as Radio Africa Ltd marketing manager.

The 27-year-old Kenyan, an average news presenter by all standards, has been brought back to the country by SK Macharia, from South Africa’s ETV channel, at an unjustifiably huge cost. Sources told Jackal News that Royal Media Services paid ETV over 4.5 million Kenya shillings to free her up from ETV contract.

Before she left for South Africa in mid 2009, she worked with KTN and NTV television stations. Mbugua, together with Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli-Kanene (on a 255,000 shillings salary) and the hysterical Esther Arunga, used to be quite popular news girls on Kenyan TV in 2008/2009. She studied in Kenya, Malaysia and South Africa. In her recent job at ETV, Ms Mbugua used to read evening news.

ETV is a free-to-air TV channel, also with syndicated broadcasts in 13 African countries including in Kenya, on the non-descript Channel 2 ofthe Nation Media Group, the company running NTV.

Article by Jackal News


352 comments on “THE FULL STORY:Citizen TV Paying Janet Mbugua Ksh 800,000, Cameramen Ksh 44,000

  1. Very shocking story…by ol means can’t there be some rational in balancing the employees salaries? Without the cameramen the story wil luck taste. Motivate them by givin them something lyk 70,000.

    • @Oscar comon if you were given such a pay would you refuse just because you have a conscious what does that have anything to do with her salo???she’s earned it anyway. NKT

    • does she have a conscious you ask? is she the one to pay the camera men? if you were offered the same amount would you decline until all employees are paid equally? i see nothing wrong with her pay. honestly, if i pay my househelp 12k, should she decline until all others are paid equally? as dmas kip said, kenya is a free country.

      • And i ask,4 those people who are against mbuguas pay,i wil say that is no money compared 2 hw much s.k macharia wil earn 4rm her services,hey ths is kenya my friends,where evry1 is a frog in the water.,wat happens wen u listen to thea croaking…?

    • Of kos she has one. Wat wud you do turn down the jobo? Thats actin stupid. It’s a bit unfair to others buts that’s not her fault. She’s earned it if you ask me.

  2. This is more than serious!! Reading already typed, furnished scriped for 803k heheheheheeee! This is just toooooooooo much…..

  3. you need to relax bwana. She earns her potential and that is good enough for the employer and employee. Wether she delivers or not, thats another story. which she must be given the opportunity to do.

  4. It reminds me of animal farm where animals r ????. Also ,It shows us the margin or discrenpancy btw the royal and low in even workplace. On earth there no equality? If there is? Think of two principals in grand coalitiön

  5. A wise man (Kenyan) once said, when he was interviewed: “You don’t get paid what you deserve, you get paid what you negotiate.”

  6. citzen cant be fair much less citzen has the poorest news..she waz much better at ktn because ktn is kenyas cnn…janet jst reads frm scripts done by other people who receive peanuts…ctzn nkt

    • realy….u can compare KTN n CNN?….., KTN is all politics, at least Citizen brings news from all over the country….they don’t just focus on the Nairobi who is who.

  7. She has worked and got blessed with that…..imagin it were you? you could even be tempted to look for a higher pay……anakula haki yake na hata ikiongezwa ni Jalali kamjalia.All the best Janet.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with that. she gets what she bargained for……the camera guys should also demand what they think they deserve and citizen should be fair to them

  9. Janet is talented.she is young, smart en beautiful.she reads the news well and i don’t see anything wrong with the pay she’s getting. Give credit where its due

  10. Janet deserves any much she’s being given but honestly,without these other guys,i.e Cameramen and women,news editors,what news could she be reading?by the way Citizen news is as boring as any radio news in kenya full of nonsence commercial breakes.they should do another suvey just to find how many people are watchin there news,they should be weary of KTN and K24 coz they cant match the two stations however much they pay the readers.

  11. Who actually deserves the best package;jounalist who collect and submit info,editor who prepares the script,presenter or cameraman who relay the info to public?Coz none can shine without the other!

  12. Trying to make sense of it all. If Karoney does not do her script and the cameramen make a mess of everything, how will Janet work? All team players should be satisfied with their renumeration. If the differences are too major team spirit is affected and quality suffers. Either tone down Janet’s package or raise the cameramen and news editor’s pay. And anyway, has anyone ever found out what effect the anchor has on news viewership? What matters more quality of the broadcast or the person delivering the news.

  13. Lol ati boycott watching citizen tv hehehe, who are these busy bodies who always get ticked off when they hear some1s earning a lot of money, citizen is a private company and they can pay whoever they want whatever they want, theyr raking in hundrededs of million so who cares

  14. She has all the right to do since she was called upon. Citizen is better off. Similar postings in places like Radio Waumini 88.3FM will fetch you 10,000/= or thereby! Let people in the media industry polish what they already have so as to encourage media owners to go after them even if they will pay 10million. After all footballers who never went to any class fetch many millions every session! Free market though.

    • The noise should be about the underpaid crew members.Citizen shouldn’ t be that unfair. What can one do with $400 as a monthly pay yet viewers are subjected to commercials for almost 70% of their viewing time. As for Mbugua, just deliver your best, you’ll get more!

  15. stop being Hippocrates we pay our paliamenterians 1 million and they do absolutely nothing yet when someone has risen in her career to earn a better salary we mourn and cry common l sure am glad citizen can give a salary like that to Kenyan if it was an expatriate we would justify and say that is there salaries …congratulations Janet that is great enjoy living the good life it is your time to shine

    • I totally agree with you…80% of our MP’s do nothing but just look out for themselves and we have not gone to the streets crying foul…!!! As for Janet, I must say she is now a pace setter…!! I am only hoping with what she has been awarded now becoming public knowledge may other employers emulate SK especially in these hard times and review remunerations to their employees upwards to meet the ever rising cost of living..!!!

  16. why has she to be paid a lot yet she reads what is written n edited for her sometimes she doest evn understand ..I love jullie n madowa of ntv the understand what they give to thr public

  17. Why can’t we let investors do their businesses with peace. Janet didn’t find herself earning that money in the morning from a dream at night. She has a story to tell in a career with NTV,KTN, ETV etc plus her local and international training. The job requires it. For the cameraman, gets the best shots and makes the good delivery. But (with all due respect and I highly recommend their wonderful job) has probably done a diploma or even a cert on the same with a Nairobi private college.

    Again wages are driven by the market forces. The cameramen are earning what the market states, otherwise they would have moved to a better job with another company since they do fantastic jobs. Citizen TV must have seen the value Janet brings and thought its feasible to pouch than recruit a graduate.

    Respect investors please. If you are a cameraman and you want to be poached and earn handsomely, its all about working hard to grow yourself. (I believe there are cameramen earning significantly higher and presenters earning significantly lower.)

  18. Citizen employees should boycott as many of them also want a payrise.>Citizen TV,bring Mbugua in and increase salaries for your employees.

  19. mmmmmmh no comment mahaters muendelee n job yenu hakuna kitu mabenefit hapo na pia citizen mnakuanga tu down sana on evrything nkt pull up ua socks guyz.

  20. well i dont see naything intresting with janet and again citizen what matters is the kind of news u bring to us not the person u never have good news so theiz no point of watching ua news and as smbody said up there n wonder u keep on bringing us irritating adverts stop poaching anchors and nuture your own just like KTN does they have the best well researched news ever!!!

  21. Leave Janet Mbugua alone,She has taken many years to build her name and she is very good at what she does.She is a brand and a valuable brand for that matter,hate it or like it she deserves to get that money.

  22. I could have been the first one to take the money. Not that i love it too much, but do you expect Janet to tell Citizen to cut it so that she can Sympathize with the Cameramen. Let the Cameramen negotiate for themselves.

  23. All that money 4 readn scripts carefully drafted by othrs who r payed real peanuts in comparison???so absurd!kwani whts so special in her work tht she shld b so exaulted at the expence f her collegues??CTV man!!do u rly hv vry good reasons 4 this??!nktest!!

  24. i think thats fine..however that doesnt change the fact that all news stations present the same content bit by bit and the inflation is skyrocketing.

  25. As much as Janet Mbugua is being paid handsomely for her work, then the same should be reciprocated to the men and women behind the screen. They are also doing their best.

  26. That’s fantastic! I strongly believe in capitalism and a liberalized job market. You deserve what you negotiate. Plus Janet Mbugua is Hot. Never seen those camera guys, they should probably work on their brow lines.

  27. So it means your paid for beauty or for your wot ur worth doing?soo incredible….there should be a way of doing everything.Camera men aren’t..pitch hint Dogs!

  28. thats so irrelevant! Who cares how much they get they dont become better people based on that! I think whoever is complaining about the 44k is just bitter for nothing. Make the most of what you have instead of being bitter for nothing. Those women are just shallow. They dont make the news any better. And if you work the best you can at whatever position, someone may one day say 4.5m 4 u!

  29. thats so irrelevant! Who cares how much they get they dont become better people based on that! I think whoever is complaining about the 44k is just bitter for nothing. Make the most of what you have instead of being bitter for nothing. Those women are just shallow. They dont make the news any better. And if you work the best you can at whatever position, someone may one day say 4.5m 4 u! Make the best of the situation you find yourself in.

  30. the sad part is she will probably leave citizen.I only watch Jullie on sndy n Swale wen i nid a laugh but thats it. News zao ziko down

  31. thats so archaic,barbaric,malicious,despicable n unhealthy in media sector.instead of media-houses being mirror of our community,citizen has turned this to be “power-houses” of corruption and despicable disparity

  32. I don’t see anything wrong with that, this is business and competition, take it..leave it. If royal media know how to win the competition then we should congratulate them.

    I think even that camera man is not complaining, you are the people who seem to be bothered by things that do not concern you. Without Janet even after editing a good script, nobody will know whether you wrote it so she deserves the pay and congratulations to her and royal media for portraying the best competition tactics.

  33. i thing this will cause the other junior workers to boycot the positions and others quiting,also juniors should be paid better if citizen tv needs to run properly

  34. stop this poaching game and news wonder you dont bring us cattle rustling news rampant in north-eastern…oooooh u are victims of the same

  35. Thats funny kwanza she is rushing the news the real thing is Julie Gichuru and Lilian Muli Kanene remain the best news anchor on CITIZEN tv. and i dont like her voice. i dont think she can do as much as akina Julie…

  36. Am happy for her,that is talent being paid for to the fullest.Those are the rules of a liberalized market.How do you explain the marigas,Oliechs,Jack Katerikawes,Jeff Koinage,Jelimos and the list is endless!the doing the same stuff that you would do but with a passion,talent and perfect touch.hence stand out of the crowd!

  37. I believe she isn’t 20times better than any of the crew members.She may have negotiated for that hence she will get it but that is so demoralizing to other employees.infact just because she is reading the news wont make me watch the news

  38. these allegations will definately bring discomfort among the Citizens employees i can imagine what akina swaleh mdoe, tought talking belinda obura, catherine kasavuli, michael njenga n the rest are feeling right now…unless Citizen is trying to destroy the young gals life because soon or later she might not like the heat that is generating n might opt to quit or negotiate a lower salo which in the end she might be getting a raw deal…i hv a felling its citizens strategy…they leaked her actual salo to the public to cause a furore…then as young as she is then decides to either quit or reduce her salo…

  39. ok,its all about someones bargaining power and if she managed that far then so be it.And again with ladies u never knw,so dnt dare compete with them.Afterown…………………………………

  40. It is a good thing to improve her living style and attract more viewers by paying her that much but it is an injustice not only to other news anchors and Tv stations but also to the common mwananchi

  41. Its not fair even not right all staffs should be treated equaly bez they al contribute equaly in the fairs of the organization. As they say some animals r more equal than others we should reverse this phenomena.

  42. This is very sily… This is showbiz and not procurement business, About the contract.. in business, there is something called head hunting and very much accepted and good business people knows that.. This is stupidity! she deserves what she earns.. even our transport PS earn 2million basic salary! kama hautaki kuona citizen hama!!! kama ni wewe ungekuwa una earn hivyo haunge ongea….

  43. thats a good lie on that it was not told at the right time thats April fools day, the truth is Janet Mbugua only earns slightly past 100,000. dont ask where i got this from just know its the truth.

  44. I think am in th wrong profesion.!800 000k a month 4 20 mins of reading sumthing writen by another person this life is so unfair anyway sh must av bin born wen th giver of al thats gud was stil generous. Lucky ha

  45. Good for her … its her turn and when the rest get their turns blessed r they. thou 800k na 44k hehehehe — is meritrocracy practised there?

  46. if thats was her day of life why do you want to interfear with her ways. in every glory there is a story. she has a story to tell up to where she is now. she where she is because she was disciplie, focused and dedicated. she deserves it

  47. Ecclesiastes 9:11

    The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

  48. Come on guys… Stop hating on Janet. She is actually really good to look at and that has made me switch to Citizen for prime time news. I had no clue who she was before all these stories that have been going round. Citizen have basically made her much bigger than she was. Sometimes it’s not about what you can do, it’s what people think you can do that make you valuable.


  50. well i dont see any issues hear,let her earn hear sweat besides,she negotiated 4 a gud deal,so janet go on gal,i dont thing anyone who is complaing,if they r da one earn dat much,they wont complain. Bt czt tv posses a great danger cz her work mate may subottage her n its nt fair cz ths is a team work,let ctz pay a gud salo to all guy

  51. What thats ridiculous its not fair for those in the field and script writer to do the donkey work and her to enjoy the fruits. surely some animals are equal than others.

    • Liz just package yourself well you could earn more.This is business pay a million today to kill the competitor and there after people can sit and talk when the field is level in any case what one earns does not reduce your days take neither will it offload the extras to your table just do your work and be contented.

  52. It depends on the owners strategic plan.I think the owner is targeting the youth and therefore the future.The rest of the newscasters are old and motherly.Julie Gichuru should consider getting sexier with her looks and stop speaking like she’s about to cry and stop trying to mother the audience.We want a spirit of life to spring from the TVs not mourning faces

  53. Hey yaal girls, stop hating, 90% of those complaining are ladies, but guys i think she deserves that cash, if you were the once given that offer i dont think you would have backed out on the offer, you will talk but at the end she got the job. please wish her well people.

  54. hey she deserves every bit of it, you get paid on terms you negotiate and proving your image worth, not public or staff perception.In any case she was pouched and therefore stakes should be higher. Go on janet.

  55. Even their Power breakfast show is Whack! Mutegi Njau looks like a Drunkard in the pub @ 3am speaking philosophically, and Jimmi Gathu seem to be on a date with his Mpango wa Kando! Only Mwakazi is Professional enough!

  56. You guys complaining about adverts do not know where these 800k comes from,do u really know the amount companies pay to have their adverts placed btwn the 7PM and 9PM news? If u dnt,then ask Soko Ugali?
    I have got no problem with Janet’s pay,its her appearance and sound quality that moves crowds,but still,Citizen should knw that its teamwork,what if they didnt have the directors,reporters,sound people,camera people or light persons? 44K is nt fair for them,surely! 100+K for them wld do!

  57. Citizen TV has set itself to fail, the massive salary disparities with other staff may further stir up discontent among other staff members. While i dont doubt the talents of Judy, i m sure her introduction into Citizen TV will cause more harm than good. If the station really want to reward her, salary increment should not be as outrageaous as has been reported, for this is a sure part to failure. Remember the experience of the Dream Team and how the whole project came down tumbling.

  58. she can’t be like lilian muli or julie gichuru,they are the best anchor in citizen mo so citizen has the most boring news compaired to those of KTN and K24 which ussually delivers real story mostly K24-we love news of K24,pls work out with ua news not anchors

  59. If u dont know hw to negociate ur salary wd your boss let those who know do it as long as is not tax payer money shurtup n mind ur own busness she is worthy that

  60. You people are just jealous when something good happens and the first to complain when something bad happens. Shut your mouths and hustle! Big ups Janet, thank you for coming home.

  61. Is Janet an SK businesses a public news? It seem you always indulge in people’s personal issues alot. Can we instead tackle issues of national importance like strategising on how to improve our economy,land issues,operation safe country,unemployements etc.

  62. Well with little minds we might be tempted to say every kind of stuff regarding the deal,however the million dollar question that no one is asking is whether citizen considered the return on investment for such an injection?. We can not also fail to ask ourselves questions like what stopped others from striking such a bargain. There comes a time when the smart ones brains their personality and sell it plus their services rather than the talent alone. This is a classic example. The other key thing we need to know is the fact that Citizen is not a listed entity thus no board or public will question the rationale of this action. If Janet is worthy it then lets give her a chance and see who is right and who is wrong on this one.

  63. What is the problem here?Just because you are paid a certain amount does not mean everybody should be paid that.If the cameramen are not content they should just go elsewhere where they think they will be paid more.

  64. most of you are just jelaous and haters i know you wish you were in her shoes but NO you are miserable and we all know that misery loves company……….JEEEEEEEEEEEZ you are the people we dont need as colleagues the ruthless hater types you just want to see other pple in problems so that you can be in thesame level.pray to your God and he might open your doors or windows nkt,the cameraman can face Macharia and ask their worth or even better quit and if they were that good macharia might poach them….

  65. Not bad if she was told to leave coz no one in her/his clear mind can reject that offer!!! Leave Ms.Mbugua and her cute money alone!!! Wenye wivu wajinyonge!!! She is a Role Model.


  67. What a shock!!!!!!this is not fair at all,citizen has poor management coz how does someone earn 20 times compared with other employees?Janet has no problem but i guess management is very poor they cant range employees salaries well.

  68. janet mbugua is talented,i just like it,am a fun of her,being paid 800,000 means she deserve it a contract which is not permanent.UCHUNGU NI YA NINI WAKENYA WENZANGU?

  69. There is no comparison of what one gets and Mbugua have marketed herself,Did expect her to come and renegotiate for cameramen?This kind of propaganda is baseless and worth challenged even in court for damages.Now that i am a Cameraman and i make contract of upto 500,000/= per one feature you want tell me if the cameraman paid 44k and his comfortable with what is the 800000 for? Please watchout on how far a romour can go.

  70. Going on air at ETV isn’t that easy and getting someone to come to a lower rank isn as well easy.Its like getting Kenya’s CNNs Zain Varjee to work at Citizen with a salary of 900,000, thats just so impossible.As you climb the ladder, so does your experience and popularity increase.She has worked for it and deserves it,IF AT ALL,ALL THIS IS TRUE.

  71. Whats that?800k for reading scripts 20 minutes a day.For your infor. Citizen tv we dont watch those bitches you bring on tv what we watch is quality news.

  72. if you ask me, the cameraman should up his game and become a presenter or an MD, I Know I need to me a C.E.O if I ever want to make the big bucks.

  73. Why are people whining?.. those at citizen TV who think it’s unfair should try their luck elsewhere.. let her enjoy her money and appreciate the fact she’s probably better at negotiating than you..

  74. That is really unfair to the guys who do all the work behind the scenes. And by all means she is average. And those guys risking their lives in Somalia to cover the war agaisnt al shabab? How much is their pay??

  75. I think she deserves it,you have to state your worth and if you are a product worth buying people buy that. I would buy that.if she is the face of a station,advertisers are going to bring in money because that is who they are seeing and they want to see her anyway.people should stop hating.kudos girl.even a million wouldn’t be bad

    • yes let every other employee in the citizen tv negotiate for better salaries with the management.the beautiful lady has set a maximum standard for them.they should be thanking her for that instead of condemning her

  76. I love the talent in Janet and she deserves more. May God do a miracle that 200,000 to be added so that she receives a clean 1,000,000. she even looks forward for that. Congratulation Janet Mbugua.

  77. if citizen can afford to pay Janet 800,000/=, it should make sure that, the lowest paid in the company is not less than 3 times of the highest paid person there. Example if Janet is the highest then it should be 800,000/= divide by 3 = 266,666/= because it seems that, citizen standard are of America. It should not pay some staff with American standard or South Africa standard and then pay others according to local standard. salaries structure in this country has been a major problem among workers, I remember one person who own a transport company told his workers that he is paying them better than city council or even government, but you can imagine the kind of work and extra time they do put in that company, it can’t be compaired with the government. And people working on structure should go into the real statistic of a human being requirement per day. Complain about Janet payment is because others are paid low. can citizen work on their salary structure. Permanet staff are paid low because they have other benefits, consultants/expatratiate are paid more because they have to take care of their benefits. Anyway find out whether she is working as a consultant or she will be on employee pay roll.



    • salary structure my foot, if u aint gat it u aint gat it, u gat issues gal, u need to work extra hard 4 u to be sell-able. stop yapping around on facebook and start working hard,

  78. This is an opportunity for these cry babies to ask for pay rise.What of if she was being paid 20k?what could have been the reaction?just wondering.

  79. my dears…Janet has become a brand…which ofcourse is international(worked in SA) so an international brand doesn’t come CHEAP!!!!!! Well, as 4 cameramen lets say they choose the wrong careers 🙂

  80. Nobody should be surprised.
    Now that you were not able to control how much the mps earn , you have turned to innocent Janet.kwani amekula mbuzi yako?

    • julie gichuru has to be getting more than that, its just that this has become public, so many media personalites are gtting more than 800k…

  81. Lets not be not be dragged in this fiasco and let not try to implicate Janet.Its a willing employer willing employee.Let these crew guys do their bargaining using the right procedure rather than trying to sabotage her career.

  82. Its the kenya culture of Kazi kama ndovu, pesa kama sungura and vice versa. I think its time we kenyans came to terms with the fact that there will always be an imbalance in the natural way that nature presents and on God can creat a balance but never man….

  83. Why should you whine over that? Try bargain your deal also, you’ll be suprised to see how much power you got! Afterall, she’s opening the way for others to get better deals too!

  84. N nw intr Husein m. n Janet mbugua,jealousy wil kil sm pple,am also jealousy bt am rily proud of ha n citizn tv n general,she deservs it.

  85. In that case am I in order to suggest a pay for Citizen tv viewers….we also contributes towards the success of the company..dont we?

  86. How hot is that chick !! so that she can be paid such a huge amount of money besides they are many talented newsreaders who appreciate even 100k.

  87. The camera men r the problem. They have no bargaining power nor skill. Its pretty clear that their employer can afford to pay them more. I challenge them to down their tools n demand for better pay n stop being jealous of their colleague!

  88. when God start working with you no one and i mean no one except the one who what God can do can explain.God wrote her star to shine like God and u’ll know more about how rich he is.

  89. Don’t be jealous. She earned it. Hey if someone offered me that kind of money I would take it and so would you. If the camera men are not happy with what they are being paid then may be they should think of changing jobs and reading the news, or just ask your boss for a raise. I honestly don’t see how hating on Janets salary will help the camera men.

    Good on you Janet.

  90. hehehe Janet should be reporting in Afmadow, Dhooble or Kismayu and not on the Citizen News here to be paid such amounts…but I wouldn’t decline such amounts if am paid…Hii ni CNN errr. Hii ni Citizen

  91. Nonsense! I don’t know the source or the motive of this scoop but then truth be said; we have more people in our country who are numerically ignorant that they do not know the significance of accounting decimals. How blind can you be to misinterpret 8000.00 as 800000 and that wasn’t even my pay (that was the loan repayment deductions!!). Thanks for the publicity though.

  92. The managment should do something on the camera men and others since they r contributin more than jst readin the scripts that she is doing without them nothin can go on

  93. Congrats to her, she has earned it and she knows her talents worth.
    If she left her 200k job for SA she could have being doing around 500k, thus 800k in a natural progression.
    As for the camera men if they are as good they can get their own gigs and get paid more. If the rest feel they should be paid more its a free market economy, let them look for a willing employer…

  94. i do blame the HR department huyo manager amedoze. i dnt have any problem with Janet’s pay bt as much as we cnt compare her salary with the cameramen atleast her salary should tally with her fellow anchors. i dnt see why a group of people performing the same task are not paid equally. i do lovbe sam CTZN TV programmes bt wen it kams 2 knews KTN is my choice.

  95. Congratulations Janet Mbugua!!When you get too concerned about how much someone is earning, ask her where she has come from.I believe she deserves it.

  96. Thats why Royal media continues running programs like Tazama Chapaa, Kanya kanya and other funny stuffs in vernacular radio stations meant to con ignorant poor Kenyan populace……otherwise how will they pay these salaries? I have no problems with employees but the company has totally lost direction in its policy making. Does it make sense to continue wasting viewers precious airing lengthy untimely commercials during news time? Shame on you

  97. in soccer we have players earning way higher wages than coaches in some clubs!!!!!!!!………hate the game not playaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. I think its agenius thing 2 make possible available updates thru most used links like u guys mind updatin me on somali kenya issue,i kinda lost touch due 2 leavin work late.its gr8t guys keep it up

  99. Mwenye wivu ajinyonge, most of you are not ambitious enough to pursue greener pastures despite your education/qualifications/experience etc, you are simply comfortable earning what you earn and complaining. Do something about it! Look at Janets journey from KTN to ETV and now Citizen, it shows some element of ambition, how many of us keep complaining of poor pay etc yet tuko pale pale.

  100. So what’s the Issues again,Actors Get Paid More than the Camera men, the same goes for news Anchors and there cameramen,you wanna make more money stop whining go to school,look for a lucrative course and Get paid,if you wanna do all the heavy lifting its upon you. yeah Jmbugua Stay Cabby!

  101. those men behind cameras at citizen MUST thank God.What one baraka fm mombasa presenters are undergoing is HELL……..8 months down the line without salary……and these fokojembez are still working like ants….if u complain ur intimideted….

  102. Why anyone should complain about this yet they are not the ones paying the bill baffles me. For the camera crew I advice them to look for work elsewhere. Its a free market of willing buyer willing seller. There are many skilled camera men looking for a steady job.

  103. Citizen is a private company and so it can pay its employees what it wants according to the value the employee brings to the company.

  104. Citizen TV is a private business – just like your home or like those who have some chicken or kiosk business on the side. The camera crew, i don’t know much about them, but they need to organize themselves and voice their grievances as a group based on their skills, they may be able to get better pay. Leave Janet alone, she is a brand, and what she makes is her prerogative ( she is not a NGO, or a government agent, nor is she KACC director or CJ like Mutunga) – those activists who think they need to boycott Citizen, – start now, so we can get space to advertise.

  105. Janet have not done any harm by being given a fat check,I smell chicken wit da management how can they pay a tech 44k,who makes it hapen??? Anway people dont sahau we are in the same same Kenya we know!

  106. Janet is talented i see nothing in paying her that amount……she is WORTH it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Same case to LILLIAN MULI: she is equally talented and really good in what she does…….KUDOS!!!!!

  107. I bet u’l all tune in and watch her…thats the point CTZ is trying to make…but just like she was bought from ETV,some Big shot will buy her from CTZ for more cash…what will u say then??the gal is selling……..and Oh,try bring the camera men to present the news and the station will close down …..Go Janet Go Janet..

  108. S.K M. Knows very well what value Janet’s presence in the studio adds to his net worth. As long as the pay is justified in terms of returns then its ok. Its not how much you give, but how much you get from what you give. Rest assured that girl deserves better.

  109. I feel embarrased to read this article and see soo many people support it in an almost attack towards Janet mbugua. Instead of you F*****rs looking for way to better yourselves and learn from Miss Mbugua here on bargaining trick to earn better money and thus improve your lives you attack her instead and her employer. What are you guys really crying for ? If any of you was in her shoes right now would walk to S.K. and tell you don’t derserve it? if any of you says yes to this Q you freaking lying. coz if so then you should be trying to convience your boss to employ those street famos coz tis unfair that you should have a job and they don’t. Each to his own people and learn how to try better yourselves without trying to bring others down to “your level”

  110. Yes i said it and sorry I didn’t mention those in support of her talent. Way to go peeps, it takes a strong person to see what is good in others as opposed to looking for what is wrong or bad in others just so that one can feel good about themselves.

  111. I think by paying this much opens doors 4 fellow workmates 2 bargain n get better pay. Better stil we count achievement on what u do with money coz the cameramen might b far ahead in other things….GOD is not man n can bless u with that u call little !

  112. “the hardest working kenyans are the least paid”.a pair of high end stilletos,tight dress,fake hair n a deceptive smile amounts to around at much mulla dont you think!

  113. What i can tell my fellow Kenyans is that after all Janet deserves it. Stop complaining and no one wants to be down there all of us want to be high there, fight for yourself and you will paid accordingly. I have been watching Citizen News at 9.00pm and i see nothing with her and Mohammed, their presentation is just Wow!!!have they made a difference anyway? In Addition Janet and Mohammed Kudos and Keep up the Good work.

  114. am sure genius kev is one of the cameramen let him go to hell janet go go go go go go.complain to your employer and stop scandalising this lady

  115. The sooner pple realize that the problem aint Janet but rather the systems in Kenya the sooner we are able to bridge the gap btwn the poor n the rich,Kenya is a rich country BUT the distribution of these resources is questionable,,the reason we all keep complaining that our bosses will will get their hefty cheques at the expense of the junior staff who do all the donkey work,,,the reason our MPs will have their big Salaries n allowances n still 4some us they fought to get there n we even look forward to being there…i think its tym Kenyans questioned the Employment acts n lobby to have a fair society.

  116. Nothing wrong with Janet getting 800,000 shillings at citizen. kwani alisomeshwa na makaratasi? ni pesa zilitumika, in fact she should be paid a million as her salary. who ever wrote this article should be ashamed, jealousy jealousy jealousy. We cannot pay ugly camera man 800,000 shillings na hata kisomo hana.

  117. salary ni yake,we tunajua yako?if they are not satisfied c they leave?we janet pia sauti improve your voice is hoarse gichuru is far ahead of u,,lakn ni kabahati ,tumia vizuri!!!!1

  118. way to go! you don’t expect Steven Spielberg to come and direct ‘papa shirandula’ (kidding of course) and get paid KSHS.50 geez! if you want someone you pay them what they’re worth. those cameramen should up their game instead of whining if the want more pay.

  119. The citizen tv has a reason as to why she deserve that vast amount of salary, is it justice esp to the other employees?

  120. Thats so unfair according to me,Julie Gichuru does more than what i have seen Janet do,wat of the lengendaries akina catherine ,Njenga,Tom or even the hard working Alex Chamwada,i wld nt feel it ka ni Julie analipwa hivo bt eh,Janet,zi,,,,

    SK-u just made a blunder.u r distorting the market equlibriums.and personally,i think this janet is too not for the bottom of the pyramid market that citizen tv is-she is too clasy.this is a confused house with queens and maidservants eating at one table.

  122. Janet en the Camera me are hero’s. You guys have taken your time including I to think about em. Why dont we now think of how to make our own cash?

  123. Which world does this reporter live in? If the station wants to pay that much so be it. And if the cameraman is not happy with his pay then he is free to quit. Why do I feel that the reporter is taking this too personal!!! Give the girl a break.

  124. Janet just said her pay,it is not her fault that other employees are being paid less rather is the fault of the management of citizen 2 make sure that they pay their employees fairly.

  125. Ok lets face it, first she was porched from South Africa, their paying rates are definately different with a big margin from ours, did you expect her to leave her job and come here to be paid, simple money.Even if its was you, you cant accept that. those who are used to be paid the Kenya way should get uesd to it and to the their management to do something about it

  126. whoever wrote this article is quite ignorant..if people want to pay u 800,000k will u refuse? no..stop hating..and its like u dont know there are many more people in media earning more than her, mutoko, jeff koinange etc lets not be haters..she was head-hunted, its there business if they want to pay her that, the cameramna has nothing to do with it, if he wants that money let him become an anchor to..i swear kenyans such negativity…

  127. Good people, I have read some of your comments and was left laughing. Let us encourage Kenyans to improve themselves in whatever field they are in and keep on looking for opportunities to move them up the ladder. Why talk negative of someone who does even not know you? This is a lady who has worked smart to grow in her carreer. Why are you not talking about some Secretaries who earn over Kshs 200k and yet Engineer’s start at Kshs 60K? Have a good afternoon.

  128. Guys GET REAL here !!!! Whoever come up with this hopeless comparison You are totally IDLE and shame on you!. Think about it: In big firms/ UN -bodies/Universities/Top Media houses/Airlines etc…,top managers get 1.5K – 200K, while the driver/messengers/receptionist/ cleaners get 15 -50K. This woman is doing her job and did not beg for it – Citizen bought her off coz they needed her. Let the Cameraman then be fired if he doesn’t want the job. Where is he we listen to his comment? Is the chap complaining?Are all those who are jealous of Janet ,Mutoko and the likes, related to the camera man! – Now close down this page, and go earn yourselves some good cash! The one who doesn’t wana go to college/Uni – U better have what it takes to get the Ksh 800K+. Without experience, you shall mop floors till you turn grey! Bye ya all – Swallow your big Apples and don’t chock!! The girl deserves it all – I wont stop watching Citizen. Its not about Janet 24/7..

  129. What’s wrong with someone making a good bargain for what she believes she is worth. You guys you are forgetting that Janet was not fished from the Soweto gettos; She was in a decent job earning real good rands and so to leave ETV and join Citizen, it must have been for a worthy course, both for her and her apparently new employer. Citizen is a business entity and to make such move they must have done their homework right! Just give wa’ Mbugua a peace of mind. She deserves what she gets.

  130. OK i see no problem with citizen TV paying Janet Mgugua 800k and camera man 44k you need to understand this is showbiz and citizen TV is privately owned and its the discretion of SK Macharia , the Board Team and Finance that decide how much they want to pay their specialized employees this is what separates Talent,skills from college grads and common man am happy for her but if i was on the board team i wouldnt hire her i would seek fresh talent and give a golden hand cuff contract with conditions save a couple of K’s but thats just my opinion

  131. Has anyone considered that this might all be a ploy by the Citizen TV to up viewership by this ??? Guess what, all of you will be eager to watch citizen TV whether you like or not because they are applying reverse psychology marketing. All you guys would go shouting to anyone who cares to listen and everyone would be glued for citizen news. Their marketing rates for prime time would be tripled and they all smile to the bank.

  132. If SK Macharia can afford to pay a news reader 800K, no problem.How many of these news anchors can read and correctly pronounce words in any language?Let us not even speculate how she landed the job!

  133. Nothing wrong. Macharia has a right to pay whatever he wants to anybody. Those earning 44,000 can leave if they so wish. That way Citzen wil get cameramen for 20,000 each and thus save on the girl’s 803,000

  134. What is Hussein M. earning given that they do the same stuff???? I wouldn’t be comfortable around a chille earning more than double what i get, doing same job after all that introduction hype….

  135. It works,,it all depends on how selling a personality can be on TV/RADIO.The 44,000 for Camera men can only be sustained if Janet is on air always…that’s the rule of the game.

  136. This can’t be credible in real situations, let give this camera-persons at least 100k. coz da lady can’t be on air without them.

  137. The CITIZEN human resource department has failed in harmonizing the Salary Scales and related differences.. For Madam Mbugua that’s the way girl.. in this world its all about creating your value and you negotiate for your value at the negotiating table.. Everyone get that chance at the interview .. You get what you ask if you prove to them that your that worth!

  138. If Madam Janet Mbugua is worth to get that much, let get her due so long as Mr Macharia is able to pay. On the other side the boss should Not keep that big difference btn the News presenter n the Camera Men.

  139. Guys get serious,she deserves every penny of what she’s earning.jealousy in the showbiz industry is behind this article. Get over it and create your image just like her!

  140. She deserves it that is agreeable.She sold her image.She was poached….but why pay the cameramen that lowly.The case here should be addressed to the employer…that is not an objective way of remunerating employees…in journalism we talk of objectivity not only in our reportage, but our holistic insights and judgement on issues.This is a case of balance and fairness thrown to the wind. Atwoli uko wapi?

  141. One thing i don’t understand…if that salary was not paid to Janet Mbugua, would the cameraman earn a little more? I think this story is merely sore grapes. Let everyone live his/her life and look for opportunities without focusing negatively on others’ achievements. I mean, must humans be voyeurs for them to be satisfied?

    Congrats Janet, you have raised the bar. For the cameramen, that is what they have bargained for. Otherwise the market is open, they can quit.

  142. Stop being jeolous She negotiated and was given, she have more follows than MPS ,its not overprice but negotiated price…nkt

  143. Its all about value in value out …how much does revenue does her contribution make and if it makes business why not . I mean we are paying some guys called Mps more and for doing what ..

  144. This is bullshit…
    No wonder the gap btwn the rich n poor in Kenya is forever’s doesn’t make sense at least to me,the news manager is paid peanuts to write her the news.I can’t even start trying to fathom this!?$*%£€#

  145. Whaat!! What about those reporters who r fightin al-shabaab? N way its her salary bt employees nid also to look at other employers.

  146. I like she is young n earning good about tha camera men n other y don’t they join etv n c if they r worth been gone after!! can’t a young kiuk make money anymore.

  147. just wondering . . maybe the supposed 5m. payoff went into private Kenyans overseas accounts … maybe she just went to SA on pretext so dat amount could be syphoned and then more through said salary. ..

  148. Waaaah, 800k a month?!!! and here some of us work day and night coming up with the tech that runs behind the scenes to produce all those wonderful Ads you see on TV and get paid peanuts!!! No worries though,every dog has its day.

  149. Wacheni wivu. So what if she is paid 10milli. Pesa ni ya mwenyewe and i think S. K. Macharia can pay anyone what he feels like. BE HAPPY FOR OTHER PEOPLE ATLEAST EVEN IF FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE TIME…………………nktset

  150. got to give some credit to the fly ms.mbugua , mama’s got talent like for real., nun wrong with her being paid tht amount of money., ongeza if possible, she brings color to citizen oldies, kasavuli n th likes.. Wachia watoto wajenge nchi!., congratulations janet!, sasa toa plot na sio syokimau!, ataa yokozuna si mbaya… 🙂


  152. Wow go to school get a journalism degree and understand the technical part of news. Reward 44k a month. My problem is not the with Janet Mbugua I used to like her as a presenter its with Citizen. People are on a go slow demanding higher pay and you go out and pay that kind of money for 1 presenter what message does that send to employees. I can imagine how the negotiations will go

    Citizen employees: We are demanding an increase in our salaries.

    Citizen Bosses: Oooooooo aaaaaa (awkard pause) well we kinda spent it on a presenter. Sorry maybe next time.

  153. well about the pay thats good money but TALENT she aint got it, just beauty BUT NO QUALITY VOICE ..she has a sharp voice thus tends to shout too much…she can do radio

  154. Who da hec i this mbugua lady anyway coz i personally don know her. But then again y is her pay such a big deal anyway?? How many pple in Kenya earn this kind of money, even more. Can’t help thinkin this is some propaganda by the so called news presenters, reporters n “behind da camera men”

  155. Janet deserves this pay otherwise comparing to the kind of education and experience she has gone through.wish all employers can compensate kenyan labour according to their education,experience.Janet is just a case enjoying her fruits of labour. congratulations janet and citicen tv.

  156. Lets not be not be dragged in this artificial fiasco and lets not try to implicate Janet with a crime she never committed. Its a willing employer willing employee. Let these crew guys do their bargaining and ask for an upward review of their wages. Its not like if her salary is reduced.. shall be distributed to the pockets of the other workers.

  157. wow!..Shitzen TV must be overflowing with cash..Now smth isnt adding up, instead of investing too much on news anchors. why not spend some cash on those shady shows like inspeckta mwalaa, machachari,mother in law,etc.. criasly those shows ziko down tu xana – and some plz help me undestand why the heck is shitzen broacasting in Lusaka zambia?

  158. big ups to all cameramen coz without them we wuldnt see wat we see n so i support the boycottn thing coz every man shuld b paid wat he works for n i think they do a hard job compared to mbugua jst ancerin ready made thing!

  159. kenya is a fckin free market economy…go to china if you have a problem sk macharia can even pay her 5m and camera men 5000k.

  160. Go Janet,go.Guys should understand that Janet never went begging for the job at Citizen,it’s the tycoon(S.K.Macharia)who decided to summon her.Besides why should you bother so much about Janets payment while you aren’t the one giving out the money.Again everyone who is against that should put themselves in Janets shoes,if you were called upon to work on that salary,would you turn down the offer?Everyone gets what they deserve and she more than deserve it.Congrats Janet.Usianglie nyuma,go ahead….

  161. @citizen Tv really funny are you trying to justify this?we know some of them and they are one of the best cameramen the industry ever had.wait until CCTV, AL-JAZEERA and KTN porches them and we’ll see if janet mbugua can run the cameras and the Autocue by herself.FYI a grand boycott by viewers to watch other stations.

  162. It is all about several work she does with her bosses.Despite her beauty, the camera men plays an important role that no one recognizes them.poor camera boys/gals. But pray to God to land a job elsewhere]

  163. didnt know Kenyans are haters,if everyone of us could walk in our purpose through the gifts that God deposited in us,we will be just like her even more,it is just because she discovered her purpose.she has a good reputation unlike gold diggers and husband snatchers on screen…….
    Go Janet… deserve it !!!!!

  164. Julie Gichuru is the best!thats a fact!nowonder citizen tv is full of advertisments,infact we only watch advertisements!simply because they want to pay Janet the cash they dont have!style-up!

  165. Congrats to Janet!! She knows how much she is worth. Everyone should kn how much they worth. When we first had Mutoko’s pay, p’ple spoke from all corners now it’s Janet, tomorrow t’will b some one else.

  166. Nice pay comes with good. job.
    forget janet. MPs 1M vs Driver, COEs vs Driver.
    What you ask is your pay.
    Respect for every career, What do you pay Police men and they are the BODY GUARDS for every Prominent Kenyans.
    Codus Citizen for bringing janet back Home. She Needs to drive a good car, own a big house a live her life of dream. The likes of MUtuko, Maina, King’angi, ANd many comedians, musicias, Mcs are asking just 400k for a single show or just for event organiser’s. LET JANET ENJOY HER PAY. For the camera man Another story for anather Day. We can never be EQUAL.

  167. There is nothing wrong. People blame employers and yet nobody forced them to work there. They were given an offer of 44,000 KES and they accepted. I don’t understand why people stoop too low with their talent. Too much fear to venture alone and all that is left is a small life. God is not fair, don’t expect it – He is just.

  168. Its unjustifiable n erroneous to pay such a hefty package to an anchor n forget that the man or lady behind the screen is so pivotal in what is aired to the viewers. she contributes so minimal n yet reaps most out of nothing. I detest and urge royal media management to reconsider n rethink over that kenyan in the technical and professionalism aspect. they do not deserve 44k whatsoever.

  169. same case. Nation media paying a distribution assistant is paid a taxable 18000 while kosgey the guy employed 2 ensure the distribution assistant does not carry unauthorised persons or goods is said 800000. Shame on nation media

  170. xo u guys bought janet all ths stuff is on the web but u aint sayin any achivements shes made any intresting stuff about her xo i find ur decision quite un resonable

  171. Citizen should stop poaching from other stations and build raw talent from scratch..
    shame on the management. all the big names from citizen are from other tv station. this trend should stop.

  172. This is one story i’ve never understood. I mean, what does the lady do to deserve such a high pay ama ni ‘paka mzee inakulanga maini?’

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