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As young as you are, you can do more than you think. Just exploit your potential. Most of the people who have done great things and achieved success probably were in a situation like you are. Young entrepreneurs and professionals in Africa are setting new standards every day, are you among them?
This list was compiled by Mfonobong Nsehe of the Forbes Magazine and it compiles the 10 young people who possess a huge influence in Africa’s political and business circles. All of them are at 40 or under.

“Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.” Bruce Barton

1.   Joseph Kabila – 40, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo: At 29, he made world history as one of the youngest presidents ever. He took office ten days after the assassination of his father, President Laurent-Désiré Kabila. He first was elected as President in 2006 and in 2011 was re-elected for a second term. He got married in June 17, 2006 to Olive Lembe di Sita with whom he has a daughter.
2.   Julius Malema, President of the ANCYL- South Africa: Although Julius failed most of his subject and took longer than usual to complete secondary school, graduating at the age of 21, he is one of the powerful forces in South Africa. At only 30 years, Malema has been labeled by President Zuma as a ‘future leader’ of South Africa! Julius is the country’s most divisive and polarizing figures, frequently stirring controversy for his inflammatory rhetoric and racial slurs.
3.   Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu – South Africa: The half South African and British at only 22, was renown for  founding of Ubuntu, a computer operating system which is distributed as free open source software. Mark founded Thawte, a digital certificate and internet security company that he later sold to American software giant VeriSign for over $500 million, taking the proceeds to fund a tech incubator and venture capital firm. He has a private jet, a ‘Bombardier Global Express’, which is often referred to as Canonical One.
4.   Fred Swaniker – Founder, African Leadership Academy – Ghana: The 34 year old is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa and is the Founder & CEO of African Leadership Academy, a world-class, pan-African secondary school that aims to develop future generations of African leaders – very impressive portofolio. Swaniker holds an MBA degree from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, where he was named an Arjay Miller Scholar, a distinction awarded to the top ten percent of each graduating class! Fred also holds a B.A. degree magna cum laude in economics from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.
5.   Acha Leke, Partner at Mckinsey & Company – Cameroon: The 38 year old is one of Africa’s most sought after business consultants. He is a partner at McKinsey & Company. The lean young man was selected as a Global young leader by the World Economic Forum. Quite impressive of him as he works with multinational corporations whom he helps with strategy setting, investment decisions, corporate finance and turn-around strategies among other things.
6.   James Mworia, CEO at Centum Investments – Kenya:
Our very own was not neglected in these awards by Forbes. At only 33, Mworia is the Chief Executive Officer of Centum, one of East Africa’s largest private equity firms. Centum has a cross-listing on both the Nairobi and Ugandan stock exchanges, and has substantial regional equity investments in blue chips like Coca-Cola, UAP Insurance and Kenya Commercial Bank. He was awarded as Africa Young Business Leader of the Year 2011 at the inaugural All Africa Business Leader Awards (AABLA). In response he said, “The award is an honor not only to Centum but to the country.”
7.   Euvin Naidoo, President of the South African Chamber of Commerce in America- South Africa: In 2009, he was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Euvin is one of the most renowned advocates for western investments in Africa. In 2003, he  co-authored the Harvard Business School case, ‘Nelson Mandela, Turnaround Leader’ together with other professionals. He resides in USA with his wife and 2 children.
8.   Gachao Kiuna, CEO, Transcentury Group- Kenya: The second Kenyan in this list has he has a very impressive bio. At the age of 24, he scooped a PhD in biotechnology from Cambridge University! He advised the government of Kenya on the development of the Vision 2030 project. Gachao who is now 33 then went  to work for McKinsey & Company in Johannesburg where he helped in advising corporate clients on strategy and finance.
9.   David Munro, South African. Chief Executive Office, Corporate and Investment Banking, Standard Bank Group:
In 2009, Munro was selected by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader. At the tender age of 38, he was appointed the Chief Executive, Corporate and Investment Banking at the Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest financial services provider.
10.   Andry Rajoelina – Transitional President, Madagascar: At only 37, Rajoelina is the youngest head of government on the continent! The staunch Roman Catholic is a former disc-jockey (DJ) and was once the mayor of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Before joining politics, he was a successful media entrepreneur who owned a radio station, Viva, and Injet, a successful advertising company.
There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning.” Christopher Morley
If you haven’t achieved success today, yearn to achieve it and then you will have a good life!
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